The MCIS Code of Ethics is very significant and important for those of us who are part of this organization. Its purpose is to provide a behavior guide in relation to all the actions inherent to the organization and frame the actions for each one of our specific areas of work.


Taking into account the above, the Code of Ethics means the commitment of each one of us to make and live the guidelines that determine the way in which we must proceed; more than just a text, it is the document that sets the lines of where and how to behave with integrity and thus reflects the culture of the Great MCIS Family






The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to establish the principles of the organization. It is applicable and mandatory to all members of the organization including the General Director, shareholders and collaborators, who have the responsibility to know it, comply with it and enforce it. 

It is a reference for our clients, suppliers and community in relation to our behavior, regardless of the level or type of work we do at MCIS, to encourage, develop and live positive habits and attitudes that enable harmonious relationships and a healthy work environment. 

It will be effective as of December 15, 2021. From this date, any violation of the code must be reported to the Administrative area by email: whereupon it will be investigated and sanctions will be applied when warranted.

Quality Statement

The group of collaborators make up Marine Cargo Inspection and Supervision S.C. are dedicated to verifying the conditions of cargo (foreign trade merchandise) and committed to providing our service with quality and efficiency, based on quality management systems. We seek the continuous improvement of our operations. 


At MCIS we are committed to providing a quality cargo service with a reliable and professional work team to provide timely information, coordinating and collaborating with our clients' decision-making.


Position ourselves as a leading company in the Gulf of Mexico that's focused on a merchandise/cargo verification service, that complies with international standards, gaining the recognition of our clients and thus promoting the development of the organization. 


  • Honesty

  • Quality

  • Punctuality

  • Passion

  • Team work

Norms and Internal Procedures

We have established internal rules and measures that promote integrity and that give transparency to administrative, quality and operational processes. With this, we promote internal anti-corruption policies. These frequently reviewed internal policies and measures include the following:  

Ethics Code 

Confidentiality Agreement

Privacy Notice

Anti Corruption Policy

Quality Statement

Ploicy of Prevention of Psychosocial risk

Internal Work Regulations


Prevention Phase


RECRUITMENT: The prevention phase begins at the stage of recruitment and selection of personnel. 

This must be governed by the guidelines and procedures approved by the Administrative area. An interview is conducted with the applicant to assess, in a general way, their integrity and honesty; In addition to requiring documentation such as non-criminal records, employment records and information that gives us an overview of who joins our company. 

Upon accepting the position, the Confidentiality Agreement, Privacy Notice, Code of Ethics and internal work regulations and the Quality Policy are delivered. 

Personnel Responsibility: All MCIS collaborators have an important role in the prevention and fight against corruption. Therefore, they are required to notify the Administrative area of ​​any possibility of an act constituting corruption or conflict of interest of which they are aware.

Regulation: The regulations, systems and procedures of the Organization establish effective and efficient internal controls and the commission of errors and irregularities to guarantee the transparency of administrative, quality and operational processes.

Internal Controls: In order to strengthen the culture of quality and integrity, mechanisms have been established to strengthen the supervision function. Management personnel have the responsibility to exercise adequate supervision over the controls established in their respective areas of work, including our computerized systems, to ensure that they are effective and efficient, and that they are kept up to date.

External Controls: With the purpose of guaranteeing a sound administration, the Organization is subject to the supervision of external organisms. The Integrity and Human Rights Committee shall impose the applicable sanctions according to the evaluation of each case.


Anti Corruption Policy

MARINE CARGO INSPECTION AND SUPERVISION, SC, highlights commitment, honesty and ethics as part of its business philosophy, based on the anti-corruption guidelines established in the tenth principle of the Global Compact of the United Nations Organization , encourages its employees to be an example with their behavior in any deal or negotiation on behalf of the company.

To prevent, detect and investigate acts constituting corruption in any of its manifestations. That's what defines this anti-corruption policy - that applies to all its collaborators at any hierarchical level.

* Comply with current legislation

* It is forbidden to give and/or receive any kind of economic or material incentives that serve to give and/or receive any kind of undue advantage in the commercial relationship between MCIS and its clients or suppliers, as well as authorities, companies, contacts, organizations and port institutions.

* In accordance with applicable law, it is prohibited to give bribes, incentives, payments or gifts to government officials, contacts, companies, suppliers, customers, agencies or institutions to improperly influence or reward an act or decision for the benefit of our company.

* All financial transactions must be registered and available for review by the Directorate and Administration Management.

* All employees must conduct their activity under the principles of honesty and ethics.

* Abide by current national tax and legal provisions

* Promote practices that combat and prevent corruption 

Rules of Conduct / General Principles


MCIS will provide its services to all those applicants who maintain a contract and comply with the legal requirements, with full observance of the principles of confidentiality, professionalism and honesty. Mcis must maintain confidentiality regarding the nature and conditions of the business entrusted to it. It will only retain the obligation to provide information on the businesses of its clients, to the competent authority and under the assumptions provided by the law of the matter.


We consider that the health and safety at work for our collaborators is as important as any other function and objective of Marine Cargo. We take actions to ensure that the following objectives are met: • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. • Provide and maintain an adequate environment of respect, growth and human & professional development. • Develop safety awareness among our collaborators.


MCIS undertakes to comply with the legal and contractual obligations acquired with its suppliers. It will refrain from carrying out illegal or unethical acts to the detriment of its suppliers. It will promote the creation of an ethical culture among suppliers.


MCIS, in its business activity, must be socially responsible and, like any economic actor, must always keep up to date with its legal obligations and observe a behavior of solidarity with society



At MCIS we do not tolerate discrimination in our personnel and we have the obligation to provide equal opportunities and any act of discrimination against people based on their ethnic origin, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, marital status, age, maternity, ideology, social status, illness and disability or any other reason, in all aspects of our work and business activity


At MCIS, any form of harassment, including workplace and sexual harassment, in its various verbal, physical or visual forms, is prohibited. Workplace harassment consists of the act of harassing or intimidating any collaborator and even some relative and/or friends of the collaborator in our organization, constituting this action a type of psychological violence, which is usually expressed through systematic and recurrent hostility towards the affected person. ; while sexual harassment consists of advances, requests for favors or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, which can be used for decision-making at work.


MCIS does not tolerate any conduct of a sexual nature that implies an intention of subjugation in exchange for obtaining any employment, personal or social benefit or open or veiled conduct that offends the dignity of the person, makes them uncomfortable or causes a hostile work environment. . This offense is severely reprimanded and punished due to the moral damage it causes to those who experience it and the harmful effect it may have on the company's reputation.


The following actions or behaviors are prohibited:

a) Insinuations that can be classified as sexual through physical or verbal language (disguised or open).

b) Offer of employment benefits, hiring, promotions and/or salary adjustments in exchange for sexual favors.

c) Offer of commercial and/or business benefits, either with clients or suppliers, in exchange for sexual favors.

d) Lewd glances, gestures of a sexual nature or showing suggestive objects (photographs, posters or caricatures, images, objects, etc.).

e) Exhibition of images of sexual content, including computer screens, or the use of any office equipment for such purposes.

f) Make comments that denigrate a person, use profanity, suggestive comments or jokes of a similar nature.

g) Comments of a sexual nature, including erotic ones, about a person's body.

HARASSMENT: As harassment we understand the abusive procedures, words or understood and actions that due to their frequency and systematization affect the psychic and mental integrity of a person. We don't accept that any collaborator be harassed by someone due to their social, cultural or any other condition.

  • The following actions or behaviors are prohibited:
  • Address unfair and hostile behavior towards employees inside and outside the work space.
  • The use of nicknames or discriminatory actions based on sex, race, religion or sexual preference. 
  • Use of telephone, email or any other means of communication to send offensive or intimidating messages. 
  • Isolation or indifference.
  • Communication rejection.
  • Attack on working conditions in which the person is prevented from doing their job correctly. 
  • Ataque a la dignidad mediante la humillación, haciendo uso del lenguaje corporal, regaños frente a más personas, uso de información personal o de formación profesional. 
  •  Conscious inducing a subordinate to carry out actions that eventually result in the deterioration of his professional or personal development. 
  • Scolding in a violent and threatening tone. 
  • Partial or total destruction of their work material. 
  • Defamation regarding improper conduct.



In MCIS, the following actions are prohibited in the organization:

  • Appear under the influence of any drug, narcotics, alcoholic beverages and/or any debilitating substance.
  • As well as consumption in the work area.
  • Selling, buying, transferring, consuming or being in possession of any type of non-medically prescribed drug or alcoholic beverage within the work area.
  • No smoking inside the facilities.


At MCIS it is recognized that employees can carry out activities of various kinds as part of their personal lives.
This is except for when those personal interests interfere in some way with those of the organization. All staff must avoid any personal activity or involvement that could negatively impact the reputation, finances, or liability of MCIS. For example, any activity that would allow you, a member of your family (direct, indirect and/or political), friend or acquaintance, to enjoy a personal gain or benefit as a result of your employment relationship with the organization, would be considered a conflict. of interests.


The following actions or behaviors are prohibited:


a) Solicit or accept donations or any form of remuneration from suppliers, clients or other persons who do or want to do business with MCIS.

b) Receive money or gifts from a supplier, customer or competitor; Only promotional gifts will be allowed. 

c) Accept favors or gifts of significant value, economic aid, subsidies or free trips, lodging facilities or any other personal benefit. 

d) Act for the benefit of third parties, as advisors or in other types of functions, or provide voluntary services to other companies or organizations in the same line of business as ours.


At MCIS it is mandatory to sign the confidentiality agreement for all MCIS information, committing ourselves to protect it from those who should not know it, in accordance with our current policies. 

"Confidential" information is all that reserved or exclusive information, for example: records, reports, emails, documents, devices, rates, processes, procedures, formats and manuals that could be used in a way that affects the interests of the company.


As collaborators we must comply with and enforce compliance with suppliers and service providers that their daily actions are conducted under the following guidelines:



  • Keep confidential information using the appropriate security means that prevent its disclosure and misuse. 
  • Avoid leaving confidential information or documentation available to third parties and commenting on its existence to unauthorized persons. 
  • Avoid shairng information of our customers. 
  • Avoid using the information handled by MCIS for your benefit or that of another person. 
  • Record the operations of the Organization under the best accounting practices and ensure that they are within the guidelines described in the financial information standards. Access to this information is available to external and internal auditors under the mechanisms and formality established by the corporate controller.
The following actions or behaviors are prohibited:
  • Make use of the internal and external means and communication channels of MCIS for personal purposes or purposes other than business activities. 
  • Fail to comply with the requirements for the dissemination of relevant business information.
  • Hide or delay strategic information.
  • Deliberately lying when reporting a concern or violation of the Code of Ethics. 
  • Being aware of a violation of the Code of Ethics and not communicating it. 
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines for the dissemination of company logos and brands. 
  • Deliver information related to business to any person without the corresponding written authorization of the immediate boss.


At MCIS we recognize and value diversity by integrating people without distinction into our team and based exclusively on job skills and those aspects related to the professional performance and values ​​of the collaborator or candidate.
Any job opportunity that arises in the organization must be handled equitably and must be available to all staff without discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, physical disability, religion, social class or condition. This policy applies to all aspects of labor relations, including the hiring of new collaborators, promotions, the selection of candidates for training programs, compensation administration and social benefit programs.

The following actions or behaviors are prohibited: 

Stifle opportunities of growth and development

b) Create preferred groups (do not consider people from other companies or businesses) or hire people from a single source (school, university, technology, etc.) without giving everyone the same opportunity. 

c) Prolong the time established in the institutional procedure, so that the collaborator can join the new position, without a reason that justifies it. 

 d) No person may be assigned a position in which he or she may have the opportunity to review, process, examine, approve, audit or in any other way affect the work of a family member, or that may influence their salary progress or promotional; this includes preventing a person from reporting directly or indirectly to another with whom they are related or romantically involved. 

e) Divulgar los datos personales o información privada de los colaboradores; dicha información será de acceso restringido para el personal que internamente requiere legítimamente necesidad de conocerlos. 



At MCIS, working conditions will be safe and hygienic, and staff are required to maintain them.

A safe and hygienic work environment will be provided, bearing in mind prevailing industry knowledge as well as any specific hazards. The necessary measures will be taken to avoid accidents and damage to health arising from work, associated with it or that occur in the course of it, by reducing, as far as is reasonable, the causes of the dangers inherent in the work environment. 

MCIS designa como responsable en materia de Seguridad e Higiene al jefe inmediato en las operaciones.




MCIS is against underage labor. In general, it's prohibited by law. The most harmful or cruel forms of child labor are not only prohibited, but also constitute a crime and/or misdemeanor. MCIS will not hire child labor, they are only candidates to apply to collaborate with us over 18 years of age. 



Physical abuse or punishment, the threat of physical abuse or sexual or other harassment, as well as verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation are prohibited at MCIS.




All MCIS employees must commit to maintaining the strictest confidentiality and therefore will not use or disclose the information for their own benefit or that of other companies.



The parties agree that any information exchanged, provided or created between them throughout the relationship between both parties, will be kept strictly confidential. The relevant receiving party may only disclose confidential information to those who need it and are authorized in advance by the party whose confidential information is involved. Confidential information is also considered:


a) That which as a whole or due to the exact configuration or structure of its components, is not generally known among experts in the corresponding fields. 

b) That which is not easily accessible 

c) Information that is not subject to reasonable protection measures, in accordance with the circumstances of the case, in order to maintain its confidential nature.



Therefore, based on the above, you acknowledge by signing our agreement that you are accepting the terms. If any violation of the agreement were to occur, it would automatically cause damages to MCIS and whoever incurs said violation, will be credited with the sanctions that are determined. 




At MCIS, the staff declares that the policies, procedures and services provided under which it operates: 

Are non -discriminatory 

b) Are homogeneous (i.e. managed in the same way) for all clients. 




The MCIS are appointed in charge of advising, verifying, operating, 

drive, promote, control and record everything related to 

The Director General


The General Director

Administrative Manager

Administrative Assistant

Quality Manager

Operations Coordinator

Supervisors of the Commitee for Integrity and Human Rights




When a deviation from the Ethics Code is communicated: 

The General and Administrative Management teams meet and analyze the events that have occurred to initiate a procedure to obtain more information, clarify the facts and determine responsibilities. 

b) They determine the corrective measures for those responsible, which can range from a verbal reprimand in private to the request for dissolution of the employment relationship. In the event that the area does not have the necessary elements to take the applicable corrective measure, the immediate boss of the person involved will be informed and the legal regulations applicable to the case will be followed. If you provided your data, the Administrative area is obliged to send you the result of its intervention in writing. 


If we do not communicate deviations from our Principles, we are incurring a violation of the Code of Ethics itself, as well as if we retaliate against someone who points out a violation. It is the responsibility of the Administrative area to issue a resolution within a period not exceeding 15 days from the communication of the reported fault.




Once the investigation and follow-up procedure of the faults have been carried out, The Director General and the Administrative team, may propose that any of the following actions be imposed depending on the seriousness of the case: 


Verbal warning in private 

Administrative action taken 

Suspension from work for a determined amount of days


Definitive lay off of staff member





Individuals who voluntarily report unethical behavior will be held harmless and/or compensated in accordance with the “Guidelines for Compensation for Reporting Unethical Conduct and Waivers”.


If, once waivers have been granted, the reasons for them are found to be false, the waivers and/or compensation may be canceled and additional penalties will be imposed..




This document will come into force from the moment the other party signs and/or seals in relation to contracts or transactions that have been concluded or initiated, or that are currently being executed.




This document will come into force from the 13th December 2021


Any person who observes or becomes aware of any illegal or unethical behavior or violations of this Code must report them as soon as they become aware of the fact using any of the following confidential and permanent means that we make available to them for this purpose:


Tel: 226 29 70